BIBS Dummy size 1 - Glow in the dark Blush
BIBS Dummy size 1 - Glow in the dark Blush

BIBS Dummy size 1 - Glow in the dark Blush

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A traditional BIBS dummy is an absolute must-have item with a newborn – an iconic design with a traditional round shield, a minimalistic front, and a round teat in natural rubber latex. This classic dummy is always a popular choice with both experienced parents as well as first-time mums and dads and due to the popularity of the design across the world.

Night Glow - The night Glow Bibs Pacifier features a glow in the dark handle loop that illuminates with 10 seconds exposed to light. 

BIBS dummies have been designed to imitate the shape of a mother’s breast and are often recommended by midwives to support natural breastfeeding. The dummies have a cherry shaped teat that is just the right length and size to be as similar to the real nipple as possible. In addition, the lightweight round shield is designed to face away from the face to allow a maximum supply of air to the sensitive skin around your baby’s mouth.

BIBS dummies’ teats are made of natural rubber latex and as rubber is a natural material, slight variations in colour may occur because of that. The teat is equipped with a vent hole letting out the air and allowing maximum compression of the teat resulting in the most natural feeling teat.

Package includes: 2 x BIBS dummy in the same colour 

Sterilising: Soak the dummy in boiled water for a couple of minutes. No need to boil the dummies. When removing the dummy from water, squeeze any excess water from the teat. BIBS dummies have vented teats so it’s not uncommon for water to penetrate the teat.

 Replace the dummy every 4-6 weeks. Please note: natural rubber will expand with sucking so older dummies may look larger than new dummies.

Sizes: Size 1: 0-6 months; Size 2: 6-12 months (months are indicative only, babies can sometimes prefer a smaller/bigger teat regardless of their age)

Safety: Bibs Colour Dummies have been tested and certified to meet the Australian Mandatory Safety Standards for dummies - Australian Soother Standard AS2432-1991 and are compliant with European Standard EN1400.