Mojo Candle Co. is about refined design coupled with a passion for the planet in the belief that we don’t have to sacrifice style to live a sustainable life.

The Mojo team, including founders Monty and Jo (the ‘Mo’ and ‘Jo’ in ‘Mojo’), create each candle and diffuser in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW. The vessels are hand-cut from reclaimed wine and beer bottles, filled with natural soy wax infused with modern, sophisticated fragrances and topped with sustainable cork stoppers.

Partnering with local wineries, restaurants and bars like Bendooley Estate in Berrima and Mittagong’s Artemis Wines to collect bottles that would otherwise be discarded. They are transformed into something truly beautiful.

The range includes more than 15 nuanced fragrances including the most sought after Cedar & Saffron, Freshwater and Wild Basil & Cucumber, crafted from a simple, artisanal process that makes each candle wonderfully unique.

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